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Online Video Lessons

"Take your game to the next level.  Go from miss to solid!" - Cathy Schmidt, LPGA Pro

Cathy is now offering Online Video Lessons!  

It's easy.  Send Cathy a video of the swing you want to improve and she will respond with professional voice over instructions and video graphic tools to correct your swing.  

Ready to get started? Email her now at

Professionally edited video lessons - $50

How to capture best video

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 4.12.31 PM.png
  • Take video at normal speed, no slow motion
  • Hold camera as steady as possible
  • Shoot two videos
    • The first line up camera directly behind you, as seen above
    • The second facing you with camera centered on hands so face of club is visible from top to bottom of swing.
More about Cathy

Cathy Schmidt, LPGA Pro

Cathy is the owner/operator of The Golf Boot Camp, 3 day golf schools started in Seattle, WA in 1994. Cathy is authorized instructor in many of these disciples and has attained her Master's level for most. Cathy has 35 years of teaching experience. Cathy's trained eye along with the help of V1 video.  Cathy knows that you will break habits you are not aware of having and break your game down to the lower scores you know you are capable of shooting.

Learn more about Cathy by Clicking Here!

Call or email Cathy now to book your next lesson

941-720-9080, please leave a voicemail, or

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