About Cathy

"I Guarantee 100% Success Rate"

LPGA Class "A" Cathy Schmidt player 4 years Futures Tour and 2011 Symetra tour qualifier/player.  Past officer of the LPGA and lead instructor for the LPGA programs Behind the Ropes, LPGA USGA Girls Golf and LPGA Golf 101 for women.  Cathy is the owner/operator of The Golf Boot Camp, 3 day golf schools started in Seattle, WA in1994.  Cathy is the first female ex-tour player to obtain Master Level in The Golfing Machine.  She has also earned her Masters Level in many of the disciples including Bobby Clampett's Impact Zone Golf, Medicus 5SK's, Lynn Blake Golf & Stack & Tilt golf, just to name a few of these authorizations.  Cathy has 31 years of teaching experience.  Cathy Schmidt’s trained eye coupled with 1000’s of students and the additional help from video & Doppler radar are optimal data discovery tools, that contribute to you achieving your goals.  Cathy knows that you will break habits you are not aware of having and break your game down to the lower scores you know you are cablable of shooting.  Cathy is the Director of Instruction for Manatee Golf Course and Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Southwest Florida.

Meet Cathy's Team

Daniella Gordic-Ronderos

Daniella's motherly coaching style will have you or your child pushing yourself to do better.  Her teaching style will guarantee any player longer drives, better short play, and consistent putts. 


Preston Higdon

Titleist Performance Institute 

Level 1 Instructor

Preston is trained by Titliest for physical therapy on the golf swing and gets players to move freely through the swing and strengthens any weakness from surgeries to just plain old aging.

(941)742-5923 ext. 6086

Cathy's Professional Colleagues

Bobby Clampett

PGATour Pro, Champions Tour Pro, Golf Commentator CBS Sports, Author “The Impact Zone”

Andy Plummer

Andy Plummer owner and author of “The Stack & Tilt Swing”

Lynn Blake

Lynn Blake Doctorate of The Golfing Machine Pro to the Pro PGA, LPGA Players and Teachers

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