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Private Lessons

"I guarantee you'll learn how to control all three parts of the club - the shaft, the head and the face. Ultimately controlling the ball!  Not only will you control the ball but you will learn effortless power and find greater distance." - Cathy Schmidt, LPGA
Private sessions can be one hour sessions or discounted rates with packages.  Also spend 1/3 day or full days with LPGA Cathy Schmidt. 
All lesson content is recorded and emailed to you for full comprehension. Your videos serve as a personal blue print to the solution and faster path to lowering your scores.
Let Cathy show you how to find the golfer you are capable of being and being that golfer consistently.
Private Lessons include the following:
• 1 hour intensive training with Cathy Schmidt
• Your lesson video content sent to you via email and texts
• Ball striking at every lesson
• Two beautiful Florida courses to choose from
• $100 per student, discounts available for 1/2 and full day private lessons
• Click Here for Cancelation Policy
Private lesson preview
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