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Improving Golf One Player at a Time
Player Testimonials
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Cathy makes it simple!

This is a "5 Simple Keys" video explaining (Key 1) a steady head, (Key 2) weight forward, (Key 3) flat lead wrist, (Key 4) sweet spot path and (Key 5) club face control.

"Spear Fishking to Better Golf!"

Watch as Cathy uses her unique style to improve your game.

Correct the Shank NOW!

Here Cathy shows how to properly correct the shank and shoot the ball straight every time.

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Many thanks. In my first lesson your sharp eye quickly caught major problems with my swing and the remedies you suggested addressed them spot on. The follow-up videos and commentary you emailed clearly communicated and reinforced what I need to work on. My improved ball striking and balance gave me new incentive to keep at it. I am loping forward to the next lesson.

Larry Galanter

Frankly, you should be on the cover of every major golf magazine as not one of the top 50 golf instructors but as one of the top 5 golf instructors in the country. I can say this as someone who has taken from a number of the named top 50 instructors. I look forward to now honing my game further with the short game and mental game instruction you offer.

David Wall, M.D.

Just a quick note to tell you how much you helped me. Correcting my grip,set up, swing was exactly what I needed. All of my tips drills will now help me with my wondering elbow. These are things I can continue to work on when I head back north for the summer. Thank you so much I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Ronnie Frantz

I just wanted to thank you again for your time and helping me out. I am hitting the ball straighter with confidence. Also, thank you for helping understand hula-hula hips from the Golfing Machine book.

James Benites, PGA

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